Christmas is around the corner and to get you hype for the Monday festivities, check out Santa and his squad drop some moves below. Comic actor Cameron J Henderson definitely brought the Friday Shmood for the holidays!

Considering our current administration, anything Barack Obama does at this point seems like an angelic gift. Last week, the former POTUS visited the Boys & Girls Club in Washington D.C. and the footage was filled with Christmas cheer. Check out some highlights The Obama Foundation released below.   Here’s some more footage in case that […]

This classic Vine video by @Hotdamnirock hilariously describes what it would be like if Santa Claus was Black.   Check out what happens when Black Santa let’s a naughty kid know that he hasn’t been nice this year.

Many movies and books have defined Santa Claus as a White man who gives out gifts for Christmas, then returns home to Mrs. Santa Claus and his helper elves. Well, this folklore is about to be disrupted thanks to comedy writer Daniel Kibblesmith. Kibblesmith is producing a new children’s book with Harper Design that will star […]

Celebrities spend all year long singing, dancing, acting and more just to keep the people entertained. This holiday season, we’re giving back to our favorite stars by playing the role of good ol’ Saint Nick and blessing them with gifts that we feel would be a great asset to their lives. Celebs like Beyonce, Drake […]

For the first time in its 24-year history, the Mall of America hired a Black Santa Claus.

What's better than another Dipset X-Mas album or a sequel to Christmas In Harlem? Cam'ron the Santa Claus.

Santa, you’ve been a naughty boy. Kris Kringle jumped into our hearts when we were kids as he gave us all the presents we wanted and even those tacky pajamas we didn’t even know we needed. He was the man who brought out the best of people. I mean, how can you describe how he […]

Noooo, not black Santa! A man dressed in a Santa Claus suit was shot in the back with a pellet gun Tuesday morning at a toy giveaway in DC. According to an ABC7 photographer who was interviewing the victim at the time of the shooting, the man in the full Saint Nick costume was hit […]

  Someone call Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, quick! Turns out there is a black Santa Claus and he’s currently at the Macy’s flagship location in NYC. Problem is, he’s kind of a secret. And you have to ask a special elf to find him for you. Luckily Amy K. Nelson, a reporter from Animal, figured […]

Just so you know, America is still arguing about what color Santa Claus is, even though he’s a fictional character. And now Bill O’Reilly is defending Megyn Kelly’s controversial comments about Santa Claus being white. “Miss Kelly is correct. Santa was a white person,” O’Reilly said during “The O’Reilly Factor.” “Does it matter? No, it doesn’t […]