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Someone call Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, quick! Turns out there is a black Santa Claus and he’s currently at the Macy’s flagship location in NYC.

Problem is, he’s kind of a secret. And you have to ask a special elf to find him for you.

Luckily Amy K. Nelson, a reporter from Animal, figured out all the steps for us during a trip to the store this holiday season. She visited the store’s Santaland exhibit to ask the white Santa on display about this “special Santa.”

But he wasn’t spilling any secrets. He claimed he was the one and only, the “attractive and ugly,” the end all-be all. He was motherfucking Santa. And that was it. But then this happened.

I asked another friendly elf if he could help me see the “special” Santa. “You need to ask an elf, in the maze,” he told me, then descended into Santaland himself to ask for me. About five minutes later, an official-looking woman not dressed as an elf brought me to another lodge (there looked as if there could be as many as three or four different lodges), where a toddler-aged black girl and her black mother were wrapping up their time with a black Santa Claus.

So you see, there is a black Santa for all of those stuck on Megyn Kelly’s “Santa is white” rant. But the fact that you have to ask a special elf to walk through a special passageway to tell a special Santa your Christmas desires is disturbing.

We get it, you don’t want to confuse the kids by having multiple Santas. But you can only see black Santa if you go through the back door? Jim Crow Santa?

Anyway, if you’re interested in seeing the black Santa at Macy’s, watch the video above to get special instructions.

SOURCE: AnimalGawker | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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