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An 11-year-old girl in Arkansas was determined to meet her crush from Florida. So much so, she stole $10,000 from her grandmother and hailed a cab across the country.

Alexis Waller slipped into her grandmother’s sock drawer and stole the cash so she could rendezvous with a 16-year-old she first met on vacation two years prior. She then walked out of her house and hitched a ride at the Bryant gas station and caught a cab in Little Rock. From there, the cab was en route to Jacksonville, Florida – but was finally stopped by police in Georgia.

Waller says she noticed she made a mistake when she misplaced her cell phone.

“He didn’t really ask anything, he just asked me where I needed to go,” Alexis said of the cab driver. “I said I need to go to Jacksonville, Fla.,” she said. “He’s like, ‘Do you have money?’ and I’m like, ‘yes.’”

After obtaining cell phone records, police discovered Alexis’ call to the cab company. Soon they were on the phone with the driver who told them they were just outside Atlanta. “I’m actually glad I got found ’cause I knew I made a mistake after a while, and I didn’t have a phone,” Alexis said.

After driving nine hours to get their little girl, her family had mixed emotions about the situation.

“At the same time you have the rest of your life to punish her, and you just want to hug her and just love her because you got her back and that’s what’s important,” Alexis’ father said.

The Waller family wondered why the cab driver didn’t think to ask the child more questions about her trip, but police claim the cabbie was non-liable since he had no intention of harming the child.


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