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Gun sales following the death of Michael Brown Jr., the unarmed black teenager fatally shot by white Ferguson, Mo. police officer Darren Wilson, increased nearly 300 percent in the city, according to local firearms instructor Dennis Davis.

The reason, according to Davis, is the “mass hysteria among white people” following the eruption of national protests in the months after Brown’s death and the resurgence of activism in the days after a grand jury elected not to indict Wilson.

That increase, Davis said, is something to be alarmed about.

“There are more white people buying guns than black people,” Davis said, adding that black people should also be purchasing firearms to protect their families, especially in light of recent racially charged events that have taken the lives of unarmed men, women, and children.

“There’s misinformation given out in the black community when it comes to firearms. We need to change that because defending yourself is one of the basic human rights.”

Davis continued, urging communities to take up arms, responsibly so, in the face of injustice:

“Let people see that you can be responsible with your firearms. Challenge that. A black person with a gun is no more dangerous than a white person with a gun. [Police] have created the atmosphere in our neighborhoods to make us feel like only bad people have guns.”

The retired Marine and St. Louis native also touched on the fear of black bodies in America, stating that white people are afraid of black protesters coming into neighborhoods that are “well-protected by their police departments.”

“Why are white people afraid to hear what black people have to say about how they are being treated? They are really afraid that the black population is going to rise and attack them. They are stocking up, it’s kind of scary because some people are so afraid of black people coming into their neighborhoods.”

Check out GlobalGrind’s exclusive interview above to hear Davis talk about why guns should be just as important in black communities and how the racial atmosphere of the St. Louis area supports that idea.

Protests In Ferguson Following No Indictment For Darren Wilson (PHOTOS)
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