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Do you or someone you love suffer from baby face syndrome?

Unfortunately, there is no real cure besides old age, but treatment is available to help as you continue to grow into that cute little face of yours. Call your hairstylist now, and you can add, like, a year or two to your look, just like Ariana Grande did.

The 21-year-old singer has struggled with baby face syndrome for a while now. Granted, the cat ears thing and wardrobe full of circle skirts don’t help, and don’t even get us started on that ponytail. Ariana has finally decided to do something about it, though, dying her tresses back to dark brown. (But wasn’t the damage done to her hair from so much dying and treatment the whole reasoning behind that ponytail anyway? …We digress.)

Ari shared her new look on Instagram while she was all “snuggllled up” without boyfriend Big Sean, although we’re sure he does f*ck with her new ‘do.