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Iggy Azalea got some much-needed support from two hip-pop stars yesterday, who told her she does have a place in the rap game. This comes after Azealia Banks had some well thought-out points about Iggy’s Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album during an interview with Ebro In The Morning on Hot 97.

The Black Eyed Peas’ took to Twitter to give folks a history lesson:

“@IGGYAZALEA hiphop Is global now…it doesn’t matter if your white or black…thanks for contributing & spreading our culture positively. It saddens me that people are making a big deal about race in hiphop & not ethics…today’s ethics goes against our foundation.”

“In 1980 a white girl from punk rock group @blondieOFFICIAL helped #hiphop expand beyond the hood with a song called #rapture,” he continued. “at the end of the day who cares what people think…do what you love…stay #fancy…#congrats.”

Lupe Fiasco also got on the ‘show Iggy love’ campaign. It seems like Lupe’s support got him a bunch of Twitter hate; enough to make him react:

Later, the “Kick Push: rapper spazzed out on a fan:

Whoa there, Young Lupe. His rant went on for several tweets, referring to how he has been a champion for the cause for a long time.

Still, Iggy thanked her new supporters and then took a break from the social media platform:

Later, Iggy tweeted about how she gave her boyfriend Nick Young a brand new car for Christmas. Clearly, she’s not letting the haters get her down.


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