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The entire nation of North Korea lost their internet service for nine hours. The disruption of the service came amongst a war of words between the United States and North Korea over a massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures. Matthew Prince, President of Cloudflare, said it is highly unlikely to be an attack by the U.S. and it is possible a single individual could have been behind the interruption. As of Tuesday morning, the internet service in North Korea remains sporadic. “North Korea continues its struggle to stay online,” the company announced on Twitter on Tuesday morning. [CNN]

A baggage handler for Delta airlines in Atlanta is being accused of helping smuggle firearms onto passenger jets to New York City. Eugene Harvey is accused of helping his accomplice Mark Quentin Henry traffick 18 guns and ammunition in a carry-on bag, violating security requirements. Harvey allegedly used security clearance to help provide guns to Henry. Cell phone usage, surveillance footage, and security records determined Harvey conspired with Henry to get the guns past security. [CNN]

A man who killed his neighbor in what he says was self-defense for playing loud music was granted a new trial last week in Texas. A Texas appeals court overturned Raul Rodriguez’s conviction and granted him a new trial, finding that the instructions to the grand jury were confusing and that the self-defense claim was the focus of the case. Raul Rodriguez video recorded himself saying, “I am standing my ground here,” after he shot and killed his neighbor over loud music at a birthday party. Rodriguez will have another chance to argue his line of self-defense. [ThinkProgress]


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