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If Kim Kardashian seems a little down lately, she has a reason.

According to friends, Kim and Kanye have been trying to have a baby for the past nine months, and Kim can’t seem to get pregnantTMZ reports that Kim and her husband visited a doctor recently, and he told them North West might just be a miracle baby.

She had 3 specialists tell her she couldn’t get pregnant before North was conceived.

Kim and Kanye assumed the second baby would be easier since it worked once, but the doctors are telling her that’s not the case.

Kim is going to cut down her traveling and is also trying to reduce stress in her life in hopes it will make conceiving a child a bit easier.

The news comes after a visit to the doctor, which took place on the 23rd just before Christmas. Kanye has been at every doctor’s visit with Kim, but for now they can only hope for a Christmas miracle.