Have you ever witnessed something so bizarre that you knew there had to be some greater force taking over? If you haven’t, this video will definitely change your mind. Footage from a car dash shows a terrible crash about to happen before the driver manages to pull off this miraculous move: Mind blowing! Jesus took […]

Not all pranks are good pranks — but when you think you’ve seen Jesus perform a miracle right in front of your eyes, that’s a pretty good hoax.

A father from Queens killed his wife, his wife’s mother, and his youngest daughter in their shared home early Saturday morning. The attack resulted in his own suicide, though his eldest daughter (12), survived. According to the NY Times, little Christina Walker was able to survive a shot to the head. The bullet came out near […]

If Kim Kardashian seems a little down lately, she has a reason. According to friends, Kim and Kanye have been trying to have a baby for the past nine months, and Kim can’t seem to get pregnant. TMZ reports that Kim and her husband visited a doctor recently, and he told them North West might just be […]

Miracles happen everyday, people. A man’s wedding ring was accidentally thrown out as he performed surgery on a dog recently, but he got it back after searching for it in a landfill site. Wow, that’s good karma. According to Daily Mail, 67-year-old Gary McNeill noticed his ring was gone when he got home that night from […]