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Miracles happen everyday, people.

A man’s wedding ring was accidentally thrown out as he performed surgery on a dog recently, but he got it back after searching for it in a landfill site. Wow, that’s good karma.

According to Daily Mail, 67-year-old Gary McNeill noticed his ring was gone when he got home that night from work.

He then went back to check the dumpster, which had already been emptied. The next day he went to a cluttered landfill in Oklahoma City and searched through nearly 2,000 tons of litter for his wedding band.

After only an hour of searching, McNeil came across the ring, which he customized in honor of the love he has for his wife.

He told KFOR-TV:

“It was terrible. You lose your ring, it’s not a good omen.”

His wife got down and dirty to help her hubby search:

“Of all the places, I take my wife to the trash dump! The ring fell out right on the corner of that box. I said, ‘Yes!’ It was a big time thing for us to find it. We really wanted it bad..

That’s definitely what you call finding a needle in a haystack. How amazing is that?