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UPDATE: 1/08/2014 9:55 A.M. 

Beanie Sigel’s management has released a statement regarding reports that the rapper’s lung was removed over injuries sustained from a shooting in December.

In an statement to XXL, his management says the reports are false and the rapper has both of his lungs. One however did collapse, but was repaired during his month long stay in the hospital.

Beanie Sigel may have left the hospital earlier this week, but his medical problems stemming from a December shooting are far from over.

The Philadelphia rapper was forced to undergo surgery to remove his lung, according to TMZ. The organ was riddled with fragments from the bullet that was fired into his stomach.

Beanie was not the target of the shooting.

Sigel was released from the hospital he’s called home since December 5. He went directly to Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ, where he’ll spend the next 90 days learning how to function with one lung.

Police are still searching for a suspect in the shooting. We wish Beanie a speedy recovery.


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