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Don’t you love to hate Terrence Howard? We do.

Yesss, he’s handsome as hell. And yesss, those green eyes can make a biddie melt with one piercing stare, but over the years, it’s gotten progressively harder to separate Terrence Howard from the shady characters he loves to depict on-screen.

And from numerous headlines over the years, he may be no different from the two-timing, conniving, shade-throwing characters he plays.

#NoDisrespectToTerrenceHoward. #AllDisrespectToHisSuspectTendencies.

Last night, Fox Network premiered their highly-anticipated Empire series starring Taraji P. Henson, Malik Yoba, and of course, Terrence Howard.

The new show scored Fox their highest premiering series, with 9.8 million viewers. Add the seven-figure viewership to #BlackTwitter’s hilarious commentary, and the show is bound to get the green light for a second season within the next few weeks.

Terrence Howard, who plays “Luscious Lyons,” is a music mogul in charge of Empire, a hip-hop-based record label. The record label is on the verge of going public, until his estranged wife “Cookie” gets released from jail early.

In an hour, the new series takes quite a few twists and turns, but one thing doesn’t change – Terrence Howard’s uncanny ability to play an antagonist.

These are the 17 times Terrence Howard basically played the same character…

PHOTO CREDIT: Fox Searchlight

17 Times Terrence Howard Played The Same Character (PHOTOS)
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