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Christopher Lee Cornell, a 20-year-old man from Green Township, Ohio has been arrested after he allegedly plotted to attack the U.S. Capitol.

The Ohio resident was arrested by the FBI after it was discovered that he wanted to set off a series of bombs, that would be aimed at lawmakers at the prestigious government building, and was inspired by the ISIS attacks.

According to ABC News, Cornell also planned to open fire on any employees that would attempt to flee as the bombs were going off at the Capitol.

The site reports:

The FBI first noticed Cornell several months ago after an informant notified the agency that Cornell was allegedly voicing support for violent “jihad” on Twitter accounts under the alias “Raheel Mahrus Ubaydah,” according to charging documents. In addition, Cornell allegedly posted statements, videos and other content expressing support for ISIS — the brutal terrorist group also known as ISIL — that is wreaking havoc in Iraq and Syria.

“I believe that we should just wage jihad under our own orders and plan attacks and everything,” Cornell allegedly wrote in an online message to the informant in August, according to the FBI. “I believe we should meet up and make our own group in alliance with the Islamic State here and plan operations ourselves.”

In the message, Cornell said that such attacks “already got a thumbs up” from radical cleric Anwar Awlaki “before his martyrdom.”

We’re glad that the FBI has stepped in before anyone could have possibly gotten hurt.