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A New Jersey high school student was arrested and charged with assault for attacking a teacher who confiscated the student’s phone during class.

The attack, which was caught on video and posted to YouTube, shows the student wrestling with the 62-year-old teacher and thrusting him onto the floor. Allegedly, the ninth grader at John F. Kennedy High School in Paterson was angry because the teacher took his phone.

The school’s principal of operations, David Cozart, told the paper that the incident happened during a physics class. He said the teacher apparently confiscated a phone – which belonged to the assailant – from another student. Staff members are allowed to take cellphones if students are using them for other than academic purposes.

A complaint was filed against the student by the district and he has since been suspended from school.

“We took a statement from the teacher today,” Capt. Heriberto Rodriguez said Friday, according to the Paterson Press. “After that, we went out and found the juvenile and arrested him.”

The student — whose name has not been released by officials — will receive home schooling while on suspension. The ninth-grader will have a disciplinary hearing in the future to determine his status for the remainder of the school year.

Retired JFK teacher Lee McNulty was shocked not so much by the attack, but by the fact that the victimized teacher did not defend himself.

“What strikes me is that the teacher never even defended himself,” retired JFK teacher Lee McNulty told the paper. “That just shows how much teachers are afraid of losing their job.”

McNulty called JFK High School a place of chaos and violence, where fights are common.

The student has been charged with third-degree aggravated assault.