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If you ever doubted babies creating everlasting friendships with each other, you should look at North West and baby Future.

The two celebrity kids are some of our favorites, and it turns out that the two actually get to have tons of play dates with each other all the time.

Ciara recently told E! News details about North and Future’s blossoming friendship, and even hinted that she is helping him become a great dating option years down the line.

She told the site:

“They have had fun times together,” the singer told me The Daily Front Row‘s Fashion Los Angeles Awards. “I just want to make sure he’s a gentleman and good to the ladies.”

She also commented on their bonding time:

Watching North and Future playing is “so cute,” Ciara said. “We have the cutest pictures of them together.”

Cici also talked about Future’s progress as far as his motor skills, which we’ve all seen that he is already a pro swimmer. She revealed of his swimming experience:

“He cries throughout most it, but he’s doing the work so I’m proud of that.”

“He’s pulling himself up, almost able to stand,” the mamma explained. “He’s like 32 pounds at eight months. He’s huge so it’s hard for him to crawl and hold his weight up but he’s a tough baby.”

We hope we get to see some of those pictures of Nori and baby Future soon!

SOURCE: E! News | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram