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So this happened.

A 15-year-old Naples, Fl. boy was rushed to the hospital last week after his friend accidentally shot him in the penis while playing with a gun.

Thankfully, the boy survived. From the 911 call:

DISPATCHER: “What kind of gun did you shoot yourself with?”

CALLER: “I don’t know. Just please come get me, please.  I’m bleeding out, please.”

DISPATCHER: “Where were you shot at?”

CALLER; “The arm and I think my penis.”

And like a true friend, the teenager decided to protect his shooter.

Isn’t that sweet?

According to the report, deputies found the 15-year-old laying on his front lawn screaming for help. When asked what had happened, the teen initially told officers that he was shot by another teen while he was sitting in his car which was parked in the driveway. The teen went on to explain that he didn’t know the name of the shooter and could not describe the car he and his friends were in.

But he later told the truth. The boy, who has not been named, told his friend to leave the group so he wouldn’t get in trouble. A ride or die. We all need one. Officers arrested one of the teenagers for obstruction of justice and the victim is said to be out of the hospital and recovering.

And get this. Turns out one of the teens loaded the .38-caliber revolver and forgot to tell the others.

Kick that friend out of the group…immediately. Or better yet, let’s not play with guns.

That’s better advice.

SOURCE: PalmBeachPost | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty