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ISIS released a horrific video on Saturday, in which they reportedly behead a Japanese hostage. Resembling the terrorist group’s other execution videos, the killer says into the camera: “This knife will not only slaughter Kenji but will also carry on and cause carnage wherever your people are found. Let the nightmare for Japan begin.” [Gawker]

Body parts were recently found left in a suitcase on a San Francisco sidewalk, and now an arrest has been made in connection to the crime. 59-year-old Mark Andrus has been booked for murder. [KITV

A 7-alarm fire at a Brooklyn warehouse broke out yesterday, and more than 200 firefighters hit the scene and tried put it out. The fire, which burned for over 10 hours, is said to have been fueled by paper. [NYTimes]

According to new reports, the pilot of the Air Asia plane that crashed into the Java sea was out of his seat as the plane went down. Crash investigators was attempting to turn off a faulty computer. Get more details here —> [Daily Mail]


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