The family of one of R. Kelly‘s alleged sex cult victims is not going to the let the singer get away with allegedly holding their daughter hostage. In a press conference on Tuesday, Joycelyn Savage‘s parents said they are requesting that R. Kelly allow Joycelyn to come home to speak to them face-to-face on August […]

  R. Kelly isn’t the only one denying rumors that he’s been holding young girls hostage in an abusive sex cult at his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. One of the alleged victims of Kelly’s rumored sex cult is speaking out, saying that the disturbing claims against the music legend are totally untrue. Jocelyn Savage, […]

Richard Simmons has helped a lot of people over the years, and now the legendary fitness instructor is coming to his very own rescue --- sort of.

Chris Brown‘s brand new house in The Valley was robbed last night during a hostage situation. The “Post To Be” singer wasn’t home at the time, but pictures of him partying at Argyle Nightclub in Hollywood surfaced around the same time three armed robbers broke into his home, put a gun in his aunt’s face, and ordered […]

Florida authorities approached what was believed to be a hostage situation, but it was nothing more but a Plies video shoot. TMZ reports: Cops were called to the St. Cloud home of Mike Busey (Gary’s nephew, aka the white guy) after a passerby saw what he thought was a hostage situation. Someone called 911, saying 2 […]

A woman made one of the smartest quick-thinking decisions ever when her and her family were taken into a hostage situation, with the help of Pizza Hut. Florida woman Cheryl Treadway was held hostage by her boyfriend Ethan Nickerson this past Monday, who demanded he go with her to pick up her three children from […]

ISIS released a horrific video on Saturday, in which they reportedly behead a Japanese hostage. Resembling the terrorist group’s other execution videos, the killer says into the camera: “This knife will not only slaughter Kenji but will also carry on and cause carnage wherever your people are found. Let the nightmare for Japan begin.” [Gawker] […]

Twenty-seven captives imprisoned by militant group Boko Haram were released Saturday in Cameroon. Among the former hostages were 10 Chinese workers who were kidnapped on May 16 from a construction camp, and the wife of Cameroon’s Vice Prime Minister Amadou Ali, who was kidnapped July 27 around Kolofata. According to government spokesman Issa Tchiroma Bakari, the Cameroon […]

In the midst of all the chaos happening in Paris, there is one hero. A man by the name of Lassana Bathily saved 15 people from getting killed during the Paris market raid, in which 4 people’s lives were lost. Buzzfeed reports: As panic ensued, up to 15 customers in the store hurried down to the store basement, […]

In the midst of national protest, government officials have announced on Friday that the Department of Homeland Security will still be able to utilize racial profiling while screening airline passengers, especially along the border. Racial profiling was banned in 2003. [Washington Post] A British-born photojournalist and an aid worker from South Africa were murdered by al-Qaeda […]

A total of 49 hostages, including diplomats, children and consulate guards, have been freed on Saturday morning after being held by the Islamic State of Iraq for nearly three months. 46 hostages were turkish and 3 were not. When asked about their treatment during captivity, one hostage said that the Islamic militants “treated us a […]

What 65-year-old Jimmy Lee Dykes wanted when he took 6-year-old Ethan into an underground bunker is what we all want sometimes…attention. DETAILS: Hallelujah! Alabama Hostage Situation Over, But How Did Police Rescue 5-Year-Old Ethan?  According to a source with intimate knowledge of the case, Dykes wanted everybody to know that he was important, but he chose […]