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In the midst of national protest, government officials have announced on Friday that the Department of Homeland Security will still be able to utilize racial profiling while screening airline passengers, especially along the border. Racial profiling was banned in 2003. [Washington Post]

A British-born photojournalist and an aid worker from South Africa were murdered by al-Qaeda militants during a failed rescue attempt in Yemen. Luke Sermon and Pierre Korkie, two men being held hostage since September 2013, were shot by their captors, who were disguised as US commandos. The aid worker was supposed to be released tomorrow by militants. [Daily Mail]

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is currently under fire for saying America should “empathize” and “show respect” for their enemies. Clinton has urged America to use “every possible tool and partner” to make advancements with peace. Many people have said her comments were out of place, especially when the U.S is launching airstrikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. [FOX News]

A driver accused of running down a Muslim teenager in Kansas City was charged with first-degree murder. The case is currently being investigated as a possible hate crime. Ahmed H. Aden, 34, told police he struck the teen because he looked like a man who threatened him several days earlier. The boy who died was just 15 years old. [ABC News]


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