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A total of 49 hostages, including diplomats, children and consulate guards, have been freed on Saturday morning after being held by the Islamic State of Iraq for nearly three months. 46 hostages were turkish and 3 were not. When asked about their treatment during captivity, one hostage said that the Islamic militants “treated us a little better because we are Muslims. But we weren’t that comfortable. There was a war going on.” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in a statement: “The Turkish intelligence agency has followed the situation very sensitively and patiently since the beginning and, as a result, conducted a successful rescue operation.” [Gawker]

23-year-old Chelsie Lawton has been accused of running into an elementary school with a baseball bat while she was wearing just underwear – and it all happened moments before children were due to arrive for their lunch. Lawton has been charged with trespassing at Westside Elementary in Memphis, Tennessee. Officials say the woman came onto campus and entered the cafeteria through a back door while screaming. Reports say that she had been running around the neighborhood earlier in the day with her shirt on, but then removed it when she entered the school. [Daily Mail]

#RIPIrwinMuchies became a trending topic over the weekend after a 5 Seconds of Summer fan allegedly committed suicide because he was being bullied. The account @IrwinMunchies, named in honor of band member Ashton Irwin, tweeted a few disturbing messages after several weeks of silence. The fan tweeted: “Just know that I will remember every single one of you… Hopefully we’ll meet later on the other side… I hope there’s another side… But I literally can’t take all the bullying I get.” People close to Bryan (@irwinmunchies), say that he took his own life because he was being “bullied because they thought he was gay bc he likes 5SOS.” Others say it was all a hoax. [Gossip Cop]

iCarly star Miranda Cosgrove has a very scary stalker. The Nickelodeon star was sent a terrifying set of pictures through twitter. The photos allegedly show a fan threatening to kill himself with a hairdryer in a bathtub because his love for her has not been returned. Joshua Stockton even sent her packages, all of which have been returned and remained unopened. Since then, Miranda has filed legal documentations, asking a judge for protection, claiming Stockton would threaten her on social media and has even looked for fan sightings. Scary! [TMZ]

French farmers are livid and here’s why: Aapparently, the farmers in Morlaix, France, are upset because of falling prices on their products after Russian embargos on European foods shrunk their export market. Farmers have begun dumping artichokes and manure everywhere and have even burned down tax and insurance offices. [Gawker]


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