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Unfortunately for Bobby Shmurda, he will have to stay behind bars for the time being, as his bail has been withdrawn.

The “Hot Boy” rapper is currently awaiting a trial as he faces multiple conspiracy and gun charges, and reports originally said that he could be released this week as he would be posting his alleged $2 million bail.

According to the NY Times, the bail package has reportedly been withdrawn, and Shmurda will remain in jail. A spokeswoman for the office of the special narcotics prosecutor told the newspaper:

“It’s our understanding that the suretor has withdrawn and that no hearing is currently scheduled.”

His lawyer has also confirmed the news, as he responded by saying:

“We’re trying to do a new bond application and are in the process in the figuring that out…We’re hoping to get it done within the next week.”

We will keep you updated with the latest on Bobby Shmurda.


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