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A Florida teen who went to the hospital for a nagging headache came out with something an aspirin probably couldn’t fix. While treating Juanye Jones, doctors spotted a fragmented bullet lodged in his head.

“There was a young fellow in there, about 18-years-old. I thought he was in there for something minor and then the police showed up,” said witness Wayne Saddler. “I hear he has a bullet in his head. He had a headache and now he has a bullet in his head.”

The teenager was aware that he had been injured during a shooting incident at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach Monday night, but didn’t seek treatment for what seemed like a grazing. Turns out, Jones was actually injured pretty seriously.

Doctors recommended that he go to Halifax Health in Daytona Beach for further treatment but Jones left the hospital about 10 p.m. Wednesday; it’s not clear if he ever did.

Police are currently searching for a gunman. Two other 18-year-olds, identified as Keshaun Reeves and Dante Ridford, were also injured in the shooting.

SOURCE: Orlando Sentinel, Palm Beach Post

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