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The internet was popping this week.

It seems like every day there was something that left us shocked, dumbfounded, or confused. Last night, a dress made us question our intelligence, llamas escaped and took us on a wild ride, 56-year-old Madonna busted her ass, and Kanye West actually apologized.

It just seems like Twitter was on one all week-long. So in honor of the debauchery that took place, we highlighted some of the moments that made this week more entertaining than binge-watching ratchetness on WorldStar. Take a look.

Llama Drama! On Thursday, a black llama and a white llama marched through the streets of Arizona to let people know that all lives matter. However their protest was cut short when the police came, lassoed a rope around their necks, and put them back behind bars. For their own safety, of course.

Yeezus stepped off his high horse to go on an apology tour. It was kinda like when a little kid says he’s sorry right before asking for a cookie.

‘Ye also brought 100 black men to the Brit Awards so he could make sure everyone knew the title of his new song: “All Day.”

Madonna busted her 56-year-old ass on stage.

Twitter was unforgiving.

Kim got sexy for her 27 million followers.

While Kylie finally developed the family’s trademark booty.

Her boyfriend Tyga went on radio and denied his PYT, while telling the world he could sleep with any underaged girl he wants to. Okkk…

D-Rose hurt his knee again, prompting the internet to get creative.

Zendaya smells like teen spirit. The 18-year-old had to check E!’s Giuliana Rancic after she said her dreadlocks looked like they smelled like weed.

Of course, Twitter voiced their opinion as well.

Now, as far as #TheDress? Here are some of the best responses:

Thanks internet, for a week of downright tomfoolery.

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