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Chris Brown is in the middle of a Love & Hip-Hop episode, but Mona Scott Young isn’t involved in this drama-filled production.

Last night, TMZ broke a story surrounding Chris Brown’s involvement in an alleged paternity suit. The celebrity entertainment company revealed the “Ayo” singer fathered a nine-month-old baby girl with a woman named Nia Gonzalez.

Fans and critics were skeptical of TMZ’s initial claims, but when Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran tweeted that she didn’t want to be involved in any “baby drama,” the world knew the allegations were true.

Chris Brown’s paternity drama is only the latest revelation in the growing messiness of hip-hop relationships. While promoting their collaborative Fan Of A Fan album, Chris and Tyga found themselves in the middle of an underage scandal with Kylie Jenner, drama with Drake and The-Dream, and questionable comments about Rihanna.

After the press run, Chris vowed to never talk about Rihanna or Drake in an interview again. But like a wise man once said, “never say never.”

With all the craziness going down in Hollywood, GlobalGrind decided to lay out everyone’s tangled relationships once and for all.

This celebrity drama is so juicy, Shonda Rhimes couldn’t even make this shit up.

Enjoy, folks. (Click photo to enlarge)

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