We get it: you like to drink. But is the rest of the world just as alcohol-obsessed as you?

The most successful label in hip-hop history is Def Jam, with a cumulative 1,925 weeks on the chart.

Chris Brown is in the middle of a Love & Hip-Hop episode, but Mona Scott Young isn’t involved in this drama-filled production. Last night, TMZ broke a story surrounding Chris Brown’s involvement in an alleged paternity suit. The celebrity entertainment company revealed the “Ayo” singer fathered a nine-month-old baby girl with a woman named Nia Gonzalez. Fans and […]

Pop quiz: Which brand is name-dropped the most in hip-hop? If you said Versace (Versace, Versace), you were wrong. According to a recent study, the luxury label that gets the most mentions is actually Gucci. The fine folks at PicClick put together an infographic that breaks down the relationship between rappers and fashion, and based […]

Kanye West is both a god (his words, not ours) and the nucleus (also his words). The nucleus of what, exactly? Of pretty much everything, according to him. But for all intents and purposes, the fine folks over at Refinery29 created an infographic that maps out just a slice of the pie that is Yeezy’s impact on the […]