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Just when April Simpson thought she was done with her viral fame, her colleagues put her face to face with her faux doppelgänger –The Hamburglar.

If you’ve been living off the grid, then you might have missed the viral video of the St. Louis reporter giving fellow anchor Tim Ezell an epic side-eye for comparing her black and white striped blouse to the McDonald’s character. With the help of the internet and Kevin Hart, the video was seen all over national news and numerous talk shows.

Most recently, as Simpson tried to bring the people of St. Louis the news, she was interrupted by the pesky Micky D’s character. In addition to the big surprise, the journalist was given a plate full of burgers.

Simpson didn’t seem too happy about the attention and the burgers tossed her way.

But the journalist took it in full stride and continued to push out the jokes herself, retweeting McDonald’s:

She also cleared up rumors that she was upset with Ezell by calling him her brother. Check out the video above.


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