It can definitely be annoying when you’re on the road and snow is blowing your way because someone forgot to remove it from their car. Well one meteorologist, Derek Kerva, let out his frustrations via a viral video that’s since gained 4.1 million views on Facebook. Watch him give a snow removal tutorial below for those […]

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is facing some heat for his comments to a woman reporter. The 28-year old was in the middle of a press conference when a Charlotte Observer reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked about the Panthers’ wide receiver Devin Funchess running routes. Cam responded to the question with, “It’s funny to hear a female talk […]

It’s difficult enough that the people of Houston are suffering a natural disaster as traumatic as Hurricane Harvey, but leave it to the media to take a bad situation and make it worse. That was the case on Tuesday when a flustered Hurricane Harvey survivor lashed out on a CNN news reporter for interviewing victims […]

An award-winning veteran of Pittsburgh news station WTAE was fired from her post after 18 years for grossly stereotyping Black people as criminals with "multiple siblings and multiple fathers" in a racist Facebook post.

Just when April Simpson thought she was done with her viral fame, her colleagues put her face to face with her faux doppelgänger –The Hamburglar. If you’ve been living off the grid, then you might have missed the viral video of the St. Louis reporter giving fellow anchor Tim Ezell an epic side-eye for comparing her black […]