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It’s difficult enough that the people of Houston are suffering a natural disaster as traumatic as Hurricane Harvey, but leave it to the media to take a bad situation and make it worse.

That was the case on Tuesday when a flustered Hurricane Harvey survivor lashed out on a CNN news reporter for interviewing victims at a Houston shelter. Rosa Flores, the correspondent, asked a woman, who just arrived at the shelter, how she planned to protect her kids during this difficult time. But the woman, identified as Danielle, clearly wasn’t in the mood to be interviewed.

She responded, “We walked through four feet of water to go get them food on the first day. Yeah, that’s a lot of s***. But y’all sit here, y’all trying to interview people during their worst times. Like, that’s not the smartest thing to do.” After Flores insisted that she was sorry, a frantic Danielle continued, “Like, people are really breaking down and y’all are sitting here with cameras and microphones trying to ask us what the *** is wrong with us. And you really trying to understand with the microphone still in my face. With me shivering cold, with my kids wet, and you’re still putting the microphone in my face.”

Cameras then cut to CNN anchor Jim Acosta who said, “It sounds like you have a very upset family there. We’re going to take a break from that.” Not sure what Flores and Acosta expected natural disaster survivors in the midst of one of the most troubling times of their life — but Danielle’s response seemed pretty accurate.

Check out the full exchange above.