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Selfie game on fleek.

Another week brings another instance of Amber Rose slaying on the ‘Gram. In the past few days alone she’s posted four lust-worthy selfies showcasing her beauty and ample assets.

And we ain’t mad at her for it.

While we’re thanking Amber for delivering these flawless shots, according to her assistant, Benji, he deserves a portion of the credit as well.

In an interview with Muva’s #1 rosestud dished on being the mastermind behind her most infamous outfits and social media moments- starting with that black monokini that nearly broke the internet:

“I was like, ‘Miss Rose, baby, you can’t just go tan in that, you definitely have to take a picture.’ She’s like, ‘Really? In this?’ I’m like, ‘Yes. Miss Rose, just trust me. Let me take a couple pictures. You don’t even have to post them, this is just for you because you look so good right now.’ I’m always encouraging… I’m usually the mastermind behind all — I can’t say all the pictures— but I’m usually the mastermind behind the photos or videos that get controversy.”

Fortunately, according to Benji, the backlash that comes from the controversy doesn’t phase the bleach blonde bombshell, even when it came from ex-boyfriend Kanye West:

“She’s not crying; she’s not punching holes in the walls. We really don’t have time to stress or be sad or be mad because tomorrow, the next day, we have to work, we have meetings, we have a brand.”

SOURCE: US | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Getty

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