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Pharrell Williams will be the recipient of the CFDA’s 2015 Fashion Icon of the Year award. Here’s why that shouldn’t surprise you.

Since we were first introduced to Pharrell in the early 2000s, he’s been setting trends, whether you realized it or not. Before there were Yeezys, there were Ice Creams, and Pharrell beat Lil Wayne to the skateboarding craze as well. Whether he’s rocking shorts on the red carpet, wearing eyeliner, or carrying around a purple Hermes bag, Pharrell has always stayed true to his unique sense of style.

No matter what you think of P’s outfits, you have to respect his individualism. And his fashion statements are almost always picked up by the masses to become pop culture trends. We’re still waiting for the hat one to die off.

Check out the gallery below to relive all the moments Pharrell Williams set your favorite trends.


Every Time Pharrell Williams Was A Trendsetter
Pharrell Williams
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