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Tidal keeps the exclusives coming.

Following the exclusive release of Rihanna’s “American Oxygen” music video and Madonna’s “Ghost Town,” Erykah Badu’s new film They Die By Dawn is currently streaming on Jay Z’s polarizing music service Tidal.

Set in the Wild West, the Jeymes Samuels-directed film depicts the narrative of African-American cowboys. The 50-minute visual also features Hollywood actors Michael K. Williams, Rosario Dawson, Jesse Williams, and Nate Parker.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see this film anywhere else but Tidal. So if you want to catch Rosario Dawson and Erykah Badu riding horses, head on over to Tidal and join the movement.

Watch the They Die By Dawn trailer below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Erykah Badu/Tidal

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