This evening, and in partnership with Elect Justice, TIDAL is hosting a "National Vote Early Day" livestream. The goal is to encourage early voting in communities of color.

TIDAL hopes the 12-hour daily livestreams will help fans stay connected with their favorite artists, while practicing social distancing; details inside.

The subscription-based streaming service announces 'Tidal Unplugged'...details inside.

Kanye West and Jay Z's friendship is like nothing else.

If you don’t have TIDAL, you’ll have to do a special search to find Jay & Bey’s new joint album.

The radio O.G. will sit down with Meek this week in a new series titled, 'One of One.'

If you get your life to Tami Roman‘s Bonnet Chronicles on a weekly basis, get ready for a new level of hilariousness. Tami went on Instagram, the original home for Bonnet Chronicles, to make the announcement that her videos are being turned into a new mini-web series on Tidal. They are set to include her regular Bonnet […]

It seems like just yesterday we were meeting a teenage Rihanna for the first time. Thirteen years later, she’s 30 years old and one of the best-selling artists ever. To celebrate her big 3-0, TIDAL put together an interactive birthday stream, where RihNavy can request and watch their favorite  music videos using the hashtag ##TIDALXRIHANNA […]

From “I Have Been To The Mountaintop,” To “I Have A Dream,” stream Dr. King’s greatest quotes.

Nip says “don’t shoot the messenger” after revealing how much more Tidal pays artists for streams than YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music.