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Wow, this is a dope.

Where would a nun, a cop, a soldier, a college graduate, and a bride all hang out together? A church would be the sensible answer, but in Lupe Fiasco’s new “Adoration Of The Magi” video, the strip club seems to be their meeting place.

Bizarre, yes, but the Alex Nazari-directed visual is just as thought-provoking as the Tetsuo & Youth cut. The dimly lit video features a stripper dancing on stage as the eclectic group of people mentioned above stare intently at her perfectly sculpted body.

Unbeknownst to the exotic dancer, she’s carrying a bundle of joy inside her womb as she slides up and down the pole. After stripping down to her birthday suit, she runs off stage and seconds later, a beautiful baby draped in fur appears smiling on a sidewalk.

Interesting stuff to say the very least. Watch Lupe’s new video up top. His latest album, Tetsuo & Youth, is in stores now.

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