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Kylie Jenner supported her 25-year-old boyfriend Tyga at the premiere of his new movie Dope in Downtown L.A. last night. But the real question is, who’s supporting Kylie?

Believe it or not, Kylie does it all herself. The 17-year-old teen sensation says she was financially cut off by her mother Kris three years ago. Though she says her mom’s sense of style (particularly her love for darker colors) has rubbed off on her, the girl pays for everything with her own cash – her car, her gas, her food, and her clothes. And even she admits she’s made a few purchases that were… let’s just say, questionable.

She told InStyle:

“There are so many outfits I bought in the past that I just think now are NOT cute – but there’s not very much I can do about it!”

That’s not all she admitted – Kylie finally leaked the secret formula to her super slim physique. Not exactly the news we would have expected, though. Kylie says she hasn’t worked out in over two and a half years, and her diet doesn’t consist of strictly kale, either.

She claims:

“I’m living out my youth not doing any exercise and eating what I want, which is pretty bad. I’m into yellow rice – you just cook it for 15 minutes, it tastes so good.”

The girl lives off of rice, hasn’t seen the gym in over two years, and still looks like a supermodel. Talk about the real Kylie Jenner challenge.


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