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In this week’s news of Iggy Azalea canceling appearances, the “Fancy” emcee has backed out of her slated Pittsburgh Pride Parade headlining show following backlash from protesters and a city official.

New York Magazine reported that several LGBT groups boycotted the musical selection, stemming from Iggy’s “insensitive” history with regard to homophobic and racist remarks. The resistance went all the way up to Bruce Kraus, Pittsburgh’s city council president and first openly gay elected official, who then supported the outcry.

With so much hate surrounding the musical selection for what’s supposed to be a joyous event, Iggy stated her decision to back out on Twitter:

What “words” did she use you ask? Check out her questionable history with homophobia and stereotypes here.

No word yet on whether Iggy Azalea’s decision will still be relevant in a matter of months…

SOURCE: New York Magazine, Twitter | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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