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Jurassic World hits theaters tomorrow, June 12th and as always, I got you covered with an inside look at the making of the film, as well as some funny moments with the cast.

I went to Hollywood, California and found myself on the Universal Lots, before being transported inside the world of dinosaurs to find out as much as I can about one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters for Extra Butter w/ BlogXilla.

During my conversation with star Chris Pratt, he explained that this movie’s biggest dinosaur – the Indominus Rex – might be mixed with a little Kanye West personality.

Co-star Bryce Dallas Howard told us she did all her physical roles with heels on, even though she doesn’t wear them in her real life. Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson also talked about filming one of the biggest action scenes in the film.

Watch this week’s episode of Extra Butter and go see Jurassic World this weekend.

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