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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed in 1968. Malcolm X was killed in 1965. Reverend Clementa Pinckney was assassinated by Dylann Roof in 2015.

Let’s call this what this is. Assasination.

What took place on Wednesday, June 17th 2015 was a massacre. But are we supposed to just accept this as “par for the course?” Majority women killed, an 87-year-old Black woman killed, and the media is still not calling this what it is?

I had the pleasure of watching mainstream news today, and the right things are still not being said. I am, to say the least, fucking pissed off.

Walking the streets of Canada with my man out in the open is an experience like none other. The amount of racism a Black man encounters on a second-to-second basis in 2015 makes it seem like someone pressed reverse on a time machine and we’re all of a sudden in the 1950’s. You know, public disrespect that I can’t even call racism, it’s so bad we need a new word.

A reverend was killed. 9 Black people killed. Just another day? No.

Mr. Roof entered the House of God, a place of sanctuary and opened fire, after spending over an hour, knowing exactly what he was going to do, listening to his victims pray to the highest entity and then, he turned a lethal weapon on innocent civilians.

He wants a color war, but he isn’t going to get one. There are far too many people of all races that are THUGLIFE and don’t stand for this shit. Too many people from every walk of life are too forward thinking for this to continue. There are real people and not real people.

I am a social activist, and I am embraced from many communities, but no community has accepted me like the Black community. The cause is the cause, either you believe in a positive future, or you don’t. You don’t have to be of a certain color to know how wrong Wednesday’s events were.

I was raised in a Jewish home, and was a part of the Jewish community for a long time, and now I am shunned. I don’t mind, I did the shunning first, because hardly any of my friends were willing to discuss Black genocide, or human rights, unless it had to do with Israel. I was also a member of very elitist communities, and I couldn’t do that anymore. Because all these people wanted to do was act like everything was fine. It’s not fine. I do not accept what is going on for one second, and if you have children or reproductive capabilities or desires, you may feel the same way.

The Charleston shooting is about more than the Confederate flag. The imagery of the flag is important, but let’s focus on the 26-year-old who was murdered. Let’s talk about Daniel Simmons, a 74-year-old man killed because some White kid thought it would get him clout to murder Black human beings.

All of this murder needs to stop immediately. Not tomorrow. Not next year. Not next month. Not after legislation is passed. President Barack Obama needs to do something. I’m not in office, I just have a couple of degrees in Political Science and have the vision to see where this is trying to go, and it needs to cease. This isn’t a time for diplomacy. This is a time for action.

This is a systemic issue and America is ground zero. America is a leader in the world and regardless of how people feel about that statement, it’s true. And President Obama is the leader of that nation.

One person can only do so much. I have been continuously institutionalized and cannot keep risking my freedom to speak out. I was just released from a 48-day confinement at the request of my family. I did my time and now I have to do more, because of people who cannot accept that I do not champion their cause. Someone needs to do something. Barack Obama, I am talking to you.

I am a 28-year-old White woman who loves a Black man. I have been calling out to the world around me to do something about all of the violence taking place against the Black community for three years now. Not long, but long enough to know that it is the most dangerous thing I can do. When confronted by judges in May, I spoke of Black Genocide. When confronted by White men with racist advances, I defend myself as the soulmate of a Black man. As a person who still believes in human rights.

The racism in Canada differs from the racism in America, so what I see out in the open is a lot of not-so-subtle “passive” actions. Sometimes it’s a look, mockery, an elbow to the side, obstruction of passageway, or even electric shock. So I guess it’s not so passive. Sometimes you even hear the ‘N’ word in the wrong mouth with the wrong tone and the worst part is sometimes, you have no choice but to bite your tongue.

On the off-chance that this article reaches the eyes of the President, I want to say that I believe there are constraints we don’t know of, pressures you face balancing domestic and international interests that are vital, but right now the United States needs true leadership. And having read Dreams From My Father and followed your career as best as I can, I believe that you are capable of breaking down any door, both foreign and domestic.

The Charleston shooting reaches a new level of sadistic behavior. Please do whatever you can, anyone who is reading this, to ameliorate the situation.

God bless.

– Arielle London