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WNBA star Glory Johnson is about to really have her hands full…and we’re not talking about a size 6 leather basketball.

Johnson made it pretty clear there was big news coming our way when she released this cliffhanger on Instagram Sunday night.

But we didn’t know the news would be this big. The soon-to-be mom finally announced yesterday that she’s 9 weeks pregnant with not one, but two baby ballers. She wrote, “for 15 yrs Double-Doubles came with handwork and dedication… now I’ve been classed by God to have “double doubles” for the rest of my life!”

It was just one month after Johnson and fellow baller Brittney Griner exchanged vows outdoors on a Phoenix mountaintop that Johnson announced she was expecting a little one. But the next day, Griner filed for an annulment, leaving Glory completely heartbroken. Griner did not hold back any feelings in her interview with ESPN, calling their wedding a “huge mistake.”

Luckily for Johnson, she now has two adorable babies on the way to ease her post-breakup blues. She wrote on her Instagram, “#LifeIsAboutToGetInteresting,” and there’s no denying that.


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