Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner seemed to have a pretty volatile relationship. Still, they chose to get married and start a family together. Soon after, Brittney decided that it was all a bad idea and now she wants out, by way of an annulment. Unfortunately for her, an Arizona judge rejected her request to annul […]

Glory Johnson is going after Brittney Griner‘s pocketbook, seeking temporary spousal support and attorney fees after the WNBA star filed for an annulment. Now, Glory wants $20,000 a month from Brittney, plus another $10,000 racks for attorney fees. ESPNw reports: Johnson’s attorney, Stasy Click, wrote in the June 29 filing that Griner has “far superior […]

WNBA star Glory Johnson is about to really have her hands full…and we’re not talking about a size 6 leather basketball. Johnson made it pretty clear there was big news coming our way when she released this cliffhanger on Instagram Sunday night. But we didn’t know the news would be this big. The soon-to-be mom finally announced yesterday that […]

A WNBA marriage that started on tumultuous footing has come to a resounding end. After just 28 days of marriage, Brittney Griner admitted that her nuptials to Glory Johnson were a “huge mistake” in an ESPN interview. The annulment comes just days after Glory Johnson announced she was pregnant. The pair was engaged for nine months […] The saga between Brittney Griner and Glory Johnson continues, and it’s taken a turn for the worse. Moments before it was announced that Griner had filed for an annulment, her now pregnant wife Glory shared a candid photo of the WNBA player touching her baby bump. With excitement, Johnson captioned the photo: One day until I’m reunited […]

After just 28 days of marriage, WNBA player Brittney Griner has filed for an annulment from her wife Glory Johnson. To top it off, the news comes just after Johnson announced her pregnancy. Following the big reveal, Griner is reportedly claiming her marriage was “based on ‘fraud and duress.'” TMZ reports: In court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, […]