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We think it’s safe to say that there’s never been a more thorough presidential administration than President Barack Obama’s squad.

From Vice President Joe Biden’s ability to keep it one hundred 365 days a year, to President Obama’s ability to shut a heckler down, the POTUS and the VPOTUS are real drill politicians.

This morning, President Obama announced he reached a landmark deal regarding Iran’s nuclear program and he basically dared the Senate to try and stop him. With VP Joe Biden mean-muggin’ right behind him, President Obama basically looked unstoppable, which caused a frenzy on Twitter.

Shortly after the live broadcast, memes began popping up of President Obama and VP Biden looking too trill.

In honor of the President and Vice President’s most gangsta moments, we rounded up 26 pictures that could moonlight as mixtape covers. Check them out below.


26 Pictures Of President Obama & VP Joe Biden Looking Like A Rap Duo
Barack Obama & Joe Biden
26 photos