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Earlier this morning, a shocking rumor that Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were headed for splitsville ruined everyone’s Monday.

Over the years, both Will and Jada have been very candid about the ups and downs of their much-talked about marriage, but both Hollywood actors vowed to never give up on their union. And thankfully Will proved as much this afternoon, when he refuted the rumors on Facebook:

After 17 years of marriage, this isn’t Will and Jada’s first ride around the breakup rumor mill, but they’re clearly prepared for whatever magazines and blogs have to say.

In a recent interview with American Way magazine, Jada Pinkett Smith discussed her marriage.

“And relationships go through shifts because in life, things shift. So people are automatically like, ‘What’s going on? They must be getting a divorce.’ Well, no. But when people feel those shifts and there’s a mystery, they have to fill it with something.”

In the interview, Jada said she’s prepared to handle the scrutiny.

“If you really want to know. I’m thankful for the Hollywood scrutiny, that that’s my problem. There are mothers out there losing their sons, their husbands, their daughters. I’m blessed. So scrutinize me. I’ll take that any day over what the majority of my people are dealing with on a daily basis. I dare not complain. Hollywood scrutiny has nothing on what I’ve survived just to be here.”

Since the couple said themselves that they’re still together for the long haul, we thought it was good idea to provide you all with some Will and Jada #relationshipgoals inspiration. Check out the gallery below.

SOURCE: Facebook, American Way | PHOTO CREDIT: Splash

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