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Michael Sam made waves as the NFL’s first openly gay football player but has had a hard time since being drafted. He was cut by the Rams, spent time on the Cowboys’ practice team, and then joined the Montreal Alouettes​. He has now revealed that he left the Alouettes in June to focus on his mental health. Read his statement here. [Complex]

Joe Jackson and his lawyer are ready to take a few media outlets to the cleaners after they claimed that his health issues were caused by a Viagra overdose. Michael Jackson’s father suffered three heart attacks, as well as a stroke, while he was vacationing in Brazil. [TMZ]

North Korea has issued a warning against the United States, while at the same time threatening South Korea with “‘indiscriminate’ military strikes unless it halts cross-border propaganda broadcasts.” Read more here. [Yahoo News]

Two kids under the age of 18 were killed while camping in Yosemite National Park. Though no other details have been released about the children, the park spokesman maintains that a black oak tree limb fell on their tent while they were sleeping. Read more here. [Daily Mail]


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