On June 27, 2018, Jackson family patriarch and father of 11, Joe Jackson passed away at age 89. It was recently reported that he was battling pancreatic cancer. In his memory, we’ve compiled some photos to remind you of the beautiful times he’s spent with his friends, family and fans.

His son Michael’s reps said: “Joe was a strong man who acknowledged his own imperfections and heroically delivered his sons and daughters from the steel mills of Gary, Indiana to worldwide pop superstardom."


An EgyptAir plane flying from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers on board vanished and most likely crashed over the Mediterranean Sea.

The 87-year-old was undergoing a routine checkup with his Los Angeles-based doctor last Friday when he fell ill.

Michael Sam made waves as the NFL’s first openly gay football player but has had a hard time since being drafted. He was cut by the Rams, spent time on the Cowboys’ practice team, and then joined the Montreal Alouettes​. He has now revealed that he left the Alouettes in June to focus on his mental […]

Janet Jackson has taken a break from preparing for her world tour to fly to her father’s bedside. Over the weekend, Joe Jackson suffered a stroke during a celebration for his 87th birthday in Brazil. According to his publicist, Joe’s heart stopped three times while in Sao Paulo and he was taken to Albert Einstein hospital. […]


Joe Jackson, father of the late musical legend Michael Jackson, was admitted to a hospital in Brazil over the weekend after suffering a stroke, USA Today reports.

When your one of many siblings, sometimes you have to do what you have to do to set yourself apart. Jermaine Jackson recently decided to separate himself a little bit from the “Jackson” name, by switching his name to LaJuane Jermaine Jacksun! DETAILS: Janet & Her Crew Of Jackson Siblings Reveal Why They Mad! According to […]

Yesterday, Joe Jackson was hospitalized after suffering from a minor stroke, but today sources say he is doing just fine. STORY: Wow! George Zimmerman Defends His Autograph Fundraising Tactic Joe, the father of the late and great King of Pop Michael Jackson, is recovering from the stroke at a hospital in Las Vegas and sources […]

Michael Jackson tried his hardest to ensure that his children led normal lives, because growing up he was never able to have what we have, a normal childhood. Free of cameras flashing every time you went to reach for a fork and free from having strange people follow you around when you were just trying […]


    Let me be very candid and straight to the point.   This is not a post-racial America.   This broken system of America is a joke to the fullest and could care less about giving justice to the Black people within its borders.   We were brought to these shores to be made […]