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If I had a dog I would name him Destro, after the dude who was the plug for Cobra from the G.I. Joe cartoons. Unless I get a Jack Russell, then I’m going to name him Cactus Jack after my favorite wrestler. I got this all figured out.


I would do everything with this dog, like take him to the store with me to get my iced coffee.

I’d take him to the doggie park so we could play with other dogs, and let him run wild into the arms of a beautiful young lady who would eventually become my wife. Hey, that’s what happens in the movies – don’t judge me!

This morning when I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that today is #NationalPetDay.

So I compiled a bunch of pictures of your favorite celebrities with their animal friends. Enjoy!


Best Friends! Celebrities & Their Dogs
Kendall Jenner
23 photos