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We love Ariana Grande, but her signature ponytail is a little played out.

Twenty-two-year-old Ari suddenly switched her hair up this week, causing our obsession with the American singer and actress to go into overdrive. In the photo above, Ari rocks her natural curls with just two braids on the side. It took us by surprise, as her hair is usually totally off her face or in that half-up, half-down ‘do we also hate to love.

Creating a collage full of sexy pouts, a perfect smize, and pinup doll know-how, Ariana, who’s dealt with a lot of hair damage over the years, informs fans that her curls are finally “healthy.” She also uploaded a video, comparing her new hair to that of her dog Ophelia’s, after revealing that her dad was the culprit behind her slight makeover.

We’re glad to see those locks are on the up and up, and hope to see them out and au naturel a lot more often. Check out the beauty above – few can compete.