Twenty-two-year-old Ari suddenly switched her hair up this week, causing our obsession with the American singer and actress to go into overdrive.

Snooki is a completely transformed woman. The former Jersey Shore reality star has come out of drunk partying on MTV to become an author, fitness guru, wife and mother to two beautiful kids in the past few years. Snooks is continuing to grow right before our eyes, and she posted her brand new look for the new year […]

Aaron Reid – A&R at Epic Records and son of mogul L.A. Reid, who you might remember from his Super Sweet 16 on MTV years back – has been in the gym and lost a tremendous amount of weight. “Rock Star Reid” was spotted at Russell Simmons’ 16th annual holiday party in St. Barts showing off his new […]

They say a girl switches her hair up when she’s going through major changes and it seems like Khloe Kardashian is taking that policy to heart. Right on the heels of her rumored breakup with French Montana, the reality starlet has gone back to her blonde hair. She of course showed off her revived look the only way a Kardashian […]