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50 Cent always has something to say about Empire, FOX’s hit drama that’s been running the ratings game since its inception. Unfortunately, the show’s suffered its first slip after last Wednesday’s episode, bringing in 13.7 million viewers. That’s an 18 percent drop over the season two premiere. Fifty is saying it’s all due to “too many celebrity cameos and too many ‘gay’ plots.”

According to BET, the Animal Ambition rapper posted his opinions to his Instagram page (he has since deleted the posts), saying: “There are 3 million less viewers who tuned into last night’s Empire episode!!!! did you watch it?” it read. “We could not take the extra gay stuff or celebrity stuff last night!!!!”

Curtis also recently responded to Cookie’s (Taraji P. Henson) jab on Empire, where she called him “thirsty.”

We can’t say we disagree with Cookie on the thirsty front, because 50 just can’t seem to keep the show out of his mouth. We have to wonder what else he possibly has left to say about it.


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