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In a world where we depend on GPS, this is pretty scary.

A 70-year-old woman was murdered in Brazil after following directions from the Waze app, which took her to the wrong destination, CNN reports. Regina Murmura was traveling with her husband, Francisco, when the couple mistakenly drove into a slum area while trying to reach a popular tourist spot near Rio. According to police, gunfire erupted on the small road and 20 bullets hit Regina’s car.

Francisco was not injured and managed to drive away. As for Waze, the app released the following statement after saying they were “incredibly saddened” by the news:

“Unfortunately it’s hard to prevent drivers from navigating to a dangerous neighborhood if it’s the destination they select. Citizens who reside in these areas need to be able to get home.”

No suspect has been identified in the killing, but drug gangs are prevalent in the area. In the meantime, the incident is raising concerns about tourists’ safety in Rio de Janeiro, the site of the 2016 Olympic games.


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