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In the latest video to emerge of racial profiling, a Black father of three was questioned by police Saturday — wait for it — after an officer spotted him while took a break from jogging in Talladega, Alabama.

The man, identified as Corey Dickerson, was questioned just after midnight by Talladega Police Department officer Kenneth Price who claimed there had been a spate of residential burglaries and thefts in the community, according to Salon.

And in a surreal exchange, the officer claimed that Dickerson looked suspicious because, well, he was out of breath after running, notes the report:

The audibly out-of-breath Dickerson was resting with his hands on his knees as he began recording his encounter. “You look like you been running,” Price noted.

“Where you been running from?” he asked, because any black man who’s been running has clearly been running from something. Dickerson replied that he’d been jogging “nowhere in particular” and “just around,” as joggers are wont to do.

Price demanded Dickerson to identify himself and provide identification, which as the Free Thought Project’s Matt Agorist noted, under Alabama law, he is not entitled to do.

The officer went on to inform Dickerson, who gave only his first name, that he was being detained but did not state a charge.

Dickerson then proceeded to shut down Price, and another officer who arrived at the scene and admitted seeing Dickerson jogging earlier, simply by asking, “So you can detain me for anything whatsoever?”

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