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Road rage happens everyday, B. But an incident that involves a Slurpee? Then it gets interesting.

A Michigan woman was arrested for shooting her gun after a fellow motorist threw the frozen treat in her face, the NY Daily News reports. When cops arrested India Marchea McDougal, she told authorities that she fired off a shot because she was scared for her life. The incident began when India got into an argument with another driver while stopped at a red light. The 40-year-old male motorist allegedly pulled up to India’s car to complain about her bad driving.

Things got a bit more serious when the male got out of his truck. And when he got back inside his vehicle, he proceeded to roll down the passenger side mirror and toss the Slurpee at her.

India’s logical response was to shoot at the man’s car. The bullet shattered the window and became lodged in the arm rest. Both drivers called the police, and India was promptly arrested.

She faces multiple charges, including possession of a controlled substance and assault with intent to murder. The Slurpee-thrower is facing several misdemeanor charges. It’s also still unclear what flavor the Slurpee was.

SOURCE: NY Daily News, KOB